Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last Days

Sadly, my time with my kids has almost come to an end. These past 4 months have been so wonderful it almost makes me want to have another kid. I SAID ALMOST!!!! Don't worry, we won't be having another baby anytime soon. I'm just going to miss all this time with my babies.

It's been such a happy time for me because I've gotten to watch all of Peyton's firsts while still being there for Alana's. I was able to see her wean off her bottle, walk, learn everything about our new house, run, talk, play games on my iPad and big and little thing in between. I know you moms can relate when I talk about how heartbreaking it is to leave your kids to go to work, only to find that they've hit a huge milestone and you weren't there to see it. I know I can't be there for everything, but when I think about the fact that I only have 1 1/2 years before Alana will go to preschool, I realize how little time I have left for just us. Soon she'll be making friends and won't want to be attached to my hip. I love the way she takes a few brave steps away from me but always looks back at me to make sure I'm not far behind. I'm still happy that I still have a little more time with Peyton to enjoy these things, but I know that too will pass. I got to hear Peyton's first laugh, see the first time she rolled over and held her while she learned to hold her head up. All things that Francis sadly missed because he was at work and I'm going to hate missing the milestones to come. Oh how I wish I was a stay-at-home mom, but unfortunately I'm not. So I try to enjoy every moment, every second that I have with them. It's so precious. I would pay anything to stay in these moments forever.

So until the dreaded first day back at work, I will cherish every second that I have with them because it goes by too fast. They're only 3 and 19 months, but they don't have to be old for me to understand how time flies.

Motherhood is amazing!!!!

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