Friday, July 22, 2011


Whenever I look through baby magazines, stores, websites, I'm constantly bombarded with ideas about how a nursery should be decorated. Being artsy, I have always had this huge dream about how I want my first child's nursery to look like, and then I get a little sad that we won't be able to provide that for Alana.

Now don't get me wrong, I am blessed to have amazing parents that are willing to house us while we save up for a house of our own, but I always envisioned myself having a home prior to having a child. Our situation is a little off though because of the fact that we do technically own a home with other people, but it's not an environment that's fit for a child. With parties thrown at least once a week, loud music in the middle of the night, and visitors constantly in and out, it's a wonder that any of us get much sleep. I couldn't put Alana through that. And to disturb the roomies with a baby crying in the middle of the night wouldn't be fair.

I've been trying to plan for Alana's nursery and I think that I can make do with what we have though. I've picked out a quote that I want to post near her crib and there are already clouds on the ceiling so hopefully a few more personal touches and the room will be baby friendly :) Now to get the shelves off the walls and the TV mounted and we're all set.

The quote to be posted above Alana's crib :)