Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A few days ago I mentioned to Francis that I wanted to start playing music for her. I noticed that whenever there is loud good music playing, she kicks constantly. Not like those distressed kicks when something loud falls, but a series of constant little punches or kicks throughout the song. I considered buying one of those belly buds but with 3 months left and $100 for those things... I figured my iPhone resting on my belly would be just fine.

Yesterday a few of us went to hang out at a bar yesterday but before we did, they pre-partied at the good old "24 Our Bar" in Sonny's room. Of course, I was unable to join in on the festivities but no worries. I still know how to have a good time without the alcohol. For some reason we decided to start playing old school R&B songs and Alana seemed to be having a blast moving to the beat on my bladder. It was non-stop to the point where I started to feel a bit sick, but enjoyed myself regardless.

To me, music is such a huge part of my life and because of this I really hope that it becomes a part of hers as well. I think a part of me sometimes wishes that I pushed myself to learn more when it came to music but it was my own fault for not wanting to learn despite my parents push for me to learn piano. I remember singing and dancing for my family during parties and absolutely loving it, but soon after, I sadly learned self-consciousness and stopped performing. I hope that Alana doesn't follow in my footsteps. I hope she learns how to be confident and be proud of who she is regardless of what others think.