Thursday, June 30, 2011

We see you!!!

Yesterday we had our 3D Ultrasound done in Woodland Hills and we finally got to meet our baby girl. My dad and Francis' mom were able to share this amazing moment with us and I'm so thankful that they came. The two grandparents couldn't have been more proud. Francis' mom cried from happiness, and my dad stood next to the big screen TV the whole time taking pictures on his cell phone. 

We saw her stick her tongue out, move her hand, and even saw her eyes open looking around her. She's going to be one observant baby!

 I think today just made everything so real. In 2 months I will finally meet the one who has been making a punching bag of my insides and I couldn't be more excited, but today we were able to catch a glimpse of what she looks like. I personally think that she already looks like Francis in this first picture below. To add to it, we're told that she already has a head full of hair (we know that has to be Francis)!!! 

The most amazing part of today was the fact that this little girl will have a mixture of Francis and I in her and that we made this beautiful person :) I can't wait to look at her and see what traits she's inherited from us. His eyes? My hands? His hair? My ears? Whatever she ends up with, I'm sure she's going to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I'm so excited.

Relaxing with one hand behind her head and the other under her chin

Chubby Cheeks

Her Heartbeat

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Unselfish Birthday Boy

So usually, when it's someone's birthday they get spoiled and pampered, but for one unselfish boy, it was the exact opposite.

It was AJ's birthday yesterday and instead of us taking him out to dinner, it was the exact opposite. Before the food was even cooked, AJ attempted to serve me the first of the cooked meals to "feed the baby". Although I refused to be the only one eating, I thought it was the sweetest gesture, especially since it was HIS birthday. But that is how AJ is. For as long as I have known him (since 1st grade), he has been one of the most generous people I know. When we moved into the house, he bought us a BBQ grill, came over consistently to clean up, and is constantly good vibes whenever he is here. After dinner, he even insisted on serving everyone ice cream of their choice. Who does this on their birthday!?

Not only did AJ buy all the food and drinks for the night, he also stayed up and cleaned the house after the celebration. Thank you AJ for your generosity and general want to make people happy. I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Since my last appointment with my OB, I have been having slight numbness in my hands but nothing too bothersome...until this week!!!! The middle and ring finger of both hands are numb and when waking up in the morning, my hands are so painful, sometimes even so painful that it wakes me up at night. This morning I actually had problems turning the knob on the door and brushing my teeth. Who would have thought that it would get this bad within such a short amount of time.

So I tried to call my OB today hoping to get some advice on this, and all I got from the nurse who called me back was, "Oh, she said that it's normal and not to worry." Now hearing this from my MD got me a little upset, but I guess I need to learn to be a patient. Sometimes there's just nothing that you can do except to deal with it and let it pass. From what I've learned, these symptoms will pass once I deliver. *crosses fingers

I've been having a pretty easy pregnancy up until these last few weeks. Acid reflux, swelling, and now carpal tunnel, I'd rather do without it but if this is what it takes to finally meet our baby girl then so be it. :)

...64 days

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

So I didn't get to say much on my last post for Mother's Day so this post is dedicated to my parents. Happy Mother's/Father's Day!!!

When we were younger, the "I love you's" weren't said very often, but it was always something that was never questioned in our family. My parents never failed to show us just how much they loved us. We had everything from toys, to electronics, to a house full of pets. One thing was for sure, our house was never boring (or quiet thanks to our many animals). Everytime relatives or friends would visit the house, there was always karaoke for the adults and animals to play with for the kids. I can say with confidence that I had an amazing childhood.

To my parents: Thank you for everything that you have taught/given to my sister and I. I don't think that any amount of kind words or money could show you how grateful we are to have parents like you in our lives. My sister and I love you very much!

Mom and Dad wearing the shirts my sister made for them

 So here is the other mushy part of my post. I have no doubt in my mind that Francis is going to be an amazing father and I can't wait to see it all unfold in front of my eyes. I know it sounds really corny but I can just imagine myself falling more in love with him when I see him with our daughter. I see him play with Lily and Eric and he has so much fun with them. He has that innocent imagination that so many of us lose through the years of responsibility and being an adult. I sometimes feel like I don't know how to pretend play with kids anymore. Francis on the other hand can take a lightsaber and turn it into a zombie hunt at the palace. I just sit back and feel lucky that he is going to be by my side raising our child.

Francis' Shirt (special thanks to my sister for making it for me!)
Back of the shirt
His other gift :P
To my wonderful husband, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!! I love you very much!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The last 10 weeks

Today my coworker walked into my office and asked me, "So you're 30 weeks already?!" I excitedly responded yes, but with the stomach turning feeling that I had no idea what would be happening to me in 10 short weeks. What started as a one-on-one conversation became a mommy gathering in my office with stories from each mother.  Some had C-sections and epidurals, others episiotomies, and one brave soul took no medication whatsoever with her 2 kids. As nurses they all agreed that as a nurse, there is a little more anxiety because of the fact that we actually know what's going on. When they call for certain things at the bedside (medications, instruments) or when they say something, we know whether to panic or not. I'm one of the lucky few to have my mom who is a labor & delivery nurse at my side so hopefully things go smoothly. At the end of our conversation, all they could tell me was, "Everyone is different".

All the emotions and thoughts during the last few weeks feel like a rollercoaster!!!

I feel nervous when: I think about how short 10 weeks really is. What will happen? Will there be complications? How bad is the pain? Will I get an episiotomy or C-section? Who will take care of her when I go back to work? Will I want to leave her? Will we be good parents?

I feel sad when: I think about how she will no longer be in my tummy everywhere I go. I think I'm really going to miss being pregnant! I know it's uncomfortable, but feeling her kicks, hiccups, and everything in between makes it so worth every uncomfortable moment. (And everyone spoils you!!)

I feel excited when: I look down at my belly when Francis crouches down to kiss her and all I can think of is how he is going to be an amazing father and how we are moving onto the next chapter in our lives. I just can't wait till we hold her in our arms.

I feel happy when: I look at my life and what it has become. I have a stable job that allows me to provide for my child, i've married an amazing man who supports EVERYTHING that I do, I have a wonderful family and friends who love me unconditionally, and Francis and I are expecting a beautiful, healthy baby girl that we once thought was almost impossible because of my complications. Life couldn't be better <3

69 more days...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mommy and Daddy go shopping....

Since Francis wasn't able to come with us for the first shopping trip, I decided to hold off on buying certain things that I needed his opinion on so we could shop at Target. I held off on all the electronic stuff, the high chair, the car seat, the stroller, and some clothes.

I don't know why the setup is this way but Francis pointed it out and I had to agree. All the displays of the strollers, carriers, and pack and plays were all on the second shelf which is pretty much unreachable for a pregnant lady. The heavy boxes that can't be examined were all on the bottom shelf. I guess I understand a little bit because it's easier for the employees to stock up on the items being on the bottom and easier for the customers to load onto their carts, but it's just horrible when we're trying to take a look at the items and have to take them off of the top shelf. Sadly we couldn't even really examine the pack and play that we chose because it was too heavy and big to take down. Hopefully my trust in Graco items wasn't misplaced.

Our Registry at Target:

Francis testing out the Graco Alano Travel System.
Poor Daddy was tired after lifting so many carriers.
Time to work out with Bobby and Johnny!!!

For the first time, I finally felt like Francis and I have really started our journey to become parents. We walked through the aisles examining what would be best for Alana and made decisions. Yes I know, these are just little things, but just the planning process in itself and talking through our daily routines to see what we needed made me feel like a parent. I can't wait until she's finally here!!!

... 74 days

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Shopping :o)

 After work today, Pam accompanied me to start my baby registry at Babies R Us in Porter Ranch. With all that's been going on, I haven't had time to shop for anything for our little one. But I had to set aside time, especially since the invitations for the baby shower have already gone out without the registry!!! Sorry everyone! Here's the website:  

When walking through the aisles, I found myself asking Pam a million questions, half of which were, "What is that?!?!" and "Do we need that?!?!?" Pam laughed at me, probably thinking, "Poor Alana." hahaha. But regardless, we had a good time while we window shopped for swings, toys, toothbrushes, towels, pumps, bottles, bouncers and Pam's favorite: blankets. Through all the anxiety with the thought of childbirth, blood and needles, its nice to take a step back and see what I have to look forward to. The other day, my patient said, "There's nothing like the feeling of holding your child in your arms for the first time." I can't wait for that moment!!!!

Unfortunately, through all the excitement of scanning items and having an awesome conversation about motherhood, I forgot to take pictures of Pam and I shopping. :( All I have are a few items I got as a gift from the store.

 All the moms out there will probably laugh at me,
but when I saw how little this diaper was I got so excited! And it's Winnie the Pooh :)
Our registry book to keep us organized
Free Stuff!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Are you having a boy?

Today I had a check-up with my NP since my OB was on vacation and she asked me something that got me a little nervous.

She's been a NP for about 30 years in her practice and after listening to the baby's heartbeat, she asked me, "Oh, are you having a boy?" Of course I told her no, but she suggested that during the next visit I ask Dr. Gabbay to make sure. She said she's been wrong before but just wanted me to double check. To add to this....I kinda gained a little more than I should have for a 4 week period and she definitely noticed. I was told to avoid takeout, sodium, and all those foods that I know are bad for me. Back to salads and chicken breast!!!

After the visit, Francis went to get an estimate on the door/sideview mirror of his car while I spent some time with my parents and my aunt visiting from Virginia. Thankfully my Tita Belen made me feel a little better by telling me that I look good pregnant (definitely a comment I took happily after the NP telling me I gained too much weight).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Round is a shape, right?

I keep telling myself that I need to stay active and stay in shape throughout this pregnancy but it's a little hard when I find myself looking at the pen I just dropped on the floor contemplating whether I really need it. These days it's hard to just bend over and get something and sometimes even sleep at night.

The swelling is starting to get worse as the days go toes look like sausages!!!! It's not too bad but I feel like one of my patients and the whole "elevate your legs" thing hasn't been helping. I sleep with my legs up, I sit at a desk all day with my legs propped up on the computer tower. Still, no relief to the swelling :( My feet barely fit into my flats. If you're a nurse you'll understand, if not, sorry: I keep pressing on my shin bone hoping not to see pitting edema but it never fails. I know it's normal during pregnancy but I get a little nervous, especially since my dad has cardiac problems.

On top of it all, I'm starting to develop acid reflux. For the past 2 days I've been trying desperately to hold my food in during the day. For some reason dinner is the only meal that doesn't upset me too much. Maybe it's because I'm more relaxed at home. Oh last trimester how you bother me so.

84 more days...

Daddy desperately trying to hear Alana's heartbeat