Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trip to the doctor

It's been long overdue, but finally Francis and I had our physicals done. Nowadays I really appreciate going to the doctor and I can only hope that the results of our labwork come out good.

I think so many times, people our age really take advantage of our health and I can't say that I don't fall into that as well. I haven't REALLY exercised in ages, I ate bad during my pregnancy and I don't take care of my back. That being said, I had a long list of complaints for my doctor today and realized how poorly I'm taking care of myself. As a nurse I know better, but as everyone knows, we make the worst patients! Now, I have to take pain medication for my back, have to go to physical therapy and I feel I will likely ask for an X-Ray on my back quite soon. So much for my nursing knowledge!