Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Since my last appointment with my OB, I have been having slight numbness in my hands but nothing too bothersome...until this week!!!! The middle and ring finger of both hands are numb and when waking up in the morning, my hands are so painful, sometimes even so painful that it wakes me up at night. This morning I actually had problems turning the knob on the door and brushing my teeth. Who would have thought that it would get this bad within such a short amount of time.

So I tried to call my OB today hoping to get some advice on this, and all I got from the nurse who called me back was, "Oh, she said that it's normal and not to worry." Now hearing this from my MD got me a little upset, but I guess I need to learn to be a patient. Sometimes there's just nothing that you can do except to deal with it and let it pass. From what I've learned, these symptoms will pass once I deliver. *crosses fingers

I've been having a pretty easy pregnancy up until these last few weeks. Acid reflux, swelling, and now carpal tunnel, I'd rather do without it but if this is what it takes to finally meet our baby girl then so be it. :)

...64 days