Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Shower #1

 For our family baby shower, Francis and I woke up early to reserve the spot and this is how it looked like at 4 in the morning :P Although it was a grueling morning, it was worth the wait to have a great spot by the lake to celebrate with our family and friends.

Still gloomy
Hello Sun!!
A special thanks to our families for planning this beautiful event!! This year has been one event after another and it means so much that you all have been here supporting us from day one!
Cristine Mae and Stuart: Thank you for waking up so early to wait at the park with us at 4 in the morning even though you guys hadn't slept yet!!
Ate, Chiqui and Ceci: Thank you for hosting/planning the games for the day. They were hillarious as you can see from the pictures below! Ate, thank you for your generosity. I promise it doesn't go unnoticed. I love you :)
Our parents: Thank you for providing everything else at the shower and for the constant support. We couldn't ask for better parents!

One of the games of the baby shower

Lily and Amaya

Ryan, Lily and Amaya with the pinata