Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary to us

This past weekend, Francis and I decided to splurge and stay at the Grand Californian to celebrate our anniversary. During the date of our real anniversary, Francis was hard at work on Nylanor so we couldn't really celebrate much. On Friday, we booked the room, packed in the middle of the night and were on our way to Disneyland by morning.


I've been missing Francis lately, especially since he's been taken away by work these past few months. So it was nice to have a getaway for the weekend. Not once did we have to worry about work calling us or what we had to do when we got back. For once, we were actually able to enjoy our vacation uninterrupted. And it was great!!!

To top it off, my sister, Kym, Alfred and Aidan were able to join us on Sunday. Alana tried to feed Aidan a few times but he just wasn't having it. Regardless, it was a memorable weekend filled with nothing but stress free family Disneyland. It was heaven :)

I however, broke the screen on my phone and lost Francis' phone. Was still worth it to me. lol