Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finding time

Because of all that has been going on in our lives lately, it's hard to find time to just enjoy being married to Francis. I guess the girl in me just wants to have that time alone with him while we still have it. After the wedding, we didn't have a house to come home to, a real honeymoon to relax at, but we did have each other and honestly, I realize now that this is all I need. Sounds corny I know, but it's true.

I look back at our wedding that happened a little over a month ago and just couldn't have pictured a more perfect day. It was OUR dream wedding. I only wish that it didn't happen so quickly. During the wedding I kept being reminded to make sure I savor every moment and I thought I was, but before I knew it, I was walking back up to my room and changing out of my wedding dress. But regardless of how quickly the day went by, it was the wedding I have always pictured in my mind since I was a little girl. Getting married in Disneyland? Anyone who knows me knows at least that much.

I know my relationship with Francis will only grow stronger from here, but I'm going to miss our time alone.

These days, all of us are just so busy that its hard to find time to just call someone and say hello. I used to be able to call Vanessa, Monica and Michelle on an almost daily basis, but now it seems that our talks are few and far between. Although I still see them at the palace (and live with Monica) there just aren't enough hours in the day. I sometimes worry about how I'm going to juggle all of this when Alana comes, but I guess I'll just have to bring her along with me. I'm sure they won't mind...too much. I'll try to keep the stinky diapers and crying to a minimum.