Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello. My name is...

Alana de la Cruz Vita!!!!

Elle, Zoey, Arielle, Melody and Alana were all in the running but here is how we decided:

At first we were set on Elle. Before even getting pregnant Francis suggested it and I liked the name but I didn't really take it seriously because, well, we weren't pregnant. When we found out that we were, my mom immediately said this, "So her name is going to be Elle Vita? Like Velveeta?" That quickly changed my mind, but not Francis' just yet. He was sold on the name before we were even together so I know he was attached it, but I just couldn't get Velveeta out of my head. (To be fair, we can actually use Elle as her nickname :oP)

I think I was either going through a website or looking through a book when I saw the name Alana and I loved it so I mentioned it to Francis but he was still stuck on Elle. I told Pam about the name and because she really liked it too she tried hard to convince Francis to pick that name. I guess this caused a little misunderstanding because he thought I came up with it with Pam and was a little sad that he wasn't there.

A few weeks later, I was talking to Janda on the phone when I mentioned the names that we had for her. She squealed in excitement after hearing Alana and mentioned something that Francis and I had failed to notice. Alana is one of the names of the sisters in The Little Mermaid!!! Being one of Francis' FAVORITE movies, I knew he was sold, but he didn't admit to it until a few days later.

So thank you Janda for finally getting us to agree on a name :)

Middle name suggestions anyone?