Thursday, June 30, 2011

We see you!!!

Yesterday we had our 3D Ultrasound done in Woodland Hills and we finally got to meet our baby girl. My dad and Francis' mom were able to share this amazing moment with us and I'm so thankful that they came. The two grandparents couldn't have been more proud. Francis' mom cried from happiness, and my dad stood next to the big screen TV the whole time taking pictures on his cell phone. 

We saw her stick her tongue out, move her hand, and even saw her eyes open looking around her. She's going to be one observant baby!

 I think today just made everything so real. In 2 months I will finally meet the one who has been making a punching bag of my insides and I couldn't be more excited, but today we were able to catch a glimpse of what she looks like. I personally think that she already looks like Francis in this first picture below. To add to it, we're told that she already has a head full of hair (we know that has to be Francis)!!! 

The most amazing part of today was the fact that this little girl will have a mixture of Francis and I in her and that we made this beautiful person :) I can't wait to look at her and see what traits she's inherited from us. His eyes? My hands? His hair? My ears? Whatever she ends up with, I'm sure she's going to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I'm so excited.

Relaxing with one hand behind her head and the other under her chin

Chubby Cheeks

Her Heartbeat