Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bed rest

So today I had an MD appointment and my doctor noticed that my blood pressure was high. So starting monday of next week I'm off work and on modified bed rest. Basically, I can shower, quickly fix my meals and drive myself to and from appointments as long as I'm feeling well enough to do so. So, how do people with toddlers do this exactly? 

Anyway, I was a little relieved but bummed that I had to get off of work. However, I know it's what's needed to take care of this little one in my belly so for her I would do anything. I must admit though, I know this bedrest is going to drive me crazy. On top of that we have a party at our house next saturday and it's going to drive me nuts that I'm not able to clean the house. Just thinking about it right now, I want to sweep and mop the floors already! 

But regardless of what Francis will tell you, I will take care of myself. Despite the occassional LIGHT cleaning (and by this I mean picking up a bottle that Alana has thrown on the floor), I will restrict myself to the bed. Wish I had time to stock up on art stuff to play around with though before this bed rest. Apparently I'm not allowed to go shopping either!!! (cry)