Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mommy and Daddy go shopping....

Since Francis wasn't able to come with us for the first shopping trip, I decided to hold off on buying certain things that I needed his opinion on so we could shop at Target. I held off on all the electronic stuff, the high chair, the car seat, the stroller, and some clothes.

I don't know why the setup is this way but Francis pointed it out and I had to agree. All the displays of the strollers, carriers, and pack and plays were all on the second shelf which is pretty much unreachable for a pregnant lady. The heavy boxes that can't be examined were all on the bottom shelf. I guess I understand a little bit because it's easier for the employees to stock up on the items being on the bottom and easier for the customers to load onto their carts, but it's just horrible when we're trying to take a look at the items and have to take them off of the top shelf. Sadly we couldn't even really examine the pack and play that we chose because it was too heavy and big to take down. Hopefully my trust in Graco items wasn't misplaced.

Our Registry at Target:

Francis testing out the Graco Alano Travel System.
Poor Daddy was tired after lifting so many carriers.
Time to work out with Bobby and Johnny!!!

For the first time, I finally felt like Francis and I have really started our journey to become parents. We walked through the aisles examining what would be best for Alana and made decisions. Yes I know, these are just little things, but just the planning process in itself and talking through our daily routines to see what we needed made me feel like a parent. I can't wait until she's finally here!!!

... 74 days