Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miss Janet

A few months ago, my sister called me frantically asking me to please please help her get tickets to the Janet concert. We promptly checked the website at 12:00pm and after 10 minutes of trying, my sister finally bought the tickets and we were ready to go to our second Janet concert together.


Our seats at the concert
Because of a group of asian girls, we actually got to switch with them and get better seats because they wanted to sit with their friends. So we got to sit a little closer to the center of the stage.


"There are times when I look above and beyond. There are times when
I feel your love around me, baby. Together again..."
Janet singing to her brother Michael at the end of the concert

I loved this concert not only because Janet is an amazing singer/performer but also because it was one of the rare moments that I get to share alone with my sister. Growing up has pushed us in our separate ways in life and I miss the random moments we took for granted when we were younger. Knocking through our closets in the bathroom, playing video games till the wee hours of the night, opening our presents before Christmas carefully then re-wrapping them before our parents found out. As much as I hate to admit it, I miss living with my sister :( We rarely get to spend time together and I cherish moments like these when we can call these memories ours and no one elses.

One thing she pointed out before the concert started was that I had Alana with me. So Alana, the Janet Jackson Number Ones concert at the Gibson Ampitheatre was the first one you ever went to so thank you Ate for her first taste of amazing music.

And as daddy requested, I remembered the songs she kicked to: Control, Together again, If and to his disgust but my amusement Nasty Boys. Hahahaha! Sorry Francis, I think she's gonna be a handful!!!

Thank you Ate for taking me to share this with you. Next Janet concert is on me!!!