Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Shower #2 (Posse Baby Shower)

The second that Francis and I found out we were pregnant, our friend Sonny jumped at the chance to throw us an amazing, emotional and memorable baby shower. After that night, I must say that he definitely succeeded.

"Tell You Something"

The shower on July 23 started off with 2 of my bridesmaids Monica and Michelle introducing the night in their bridesmaid dresses as you see below. We started off with a game (guys vs. girls) similar to "Who wants to be a Millionaire". Sonny/Christian, where the heck did you guys get those pregnancy questions?!?!? They were hard! As usual drinking was a part of the game, but how else would you expect the Posse to start off a party??? lol.

Mocha Black and Deeky White our hosts for the night 

After the game were a few heartfelt speeches by Stef and Randy,  my sister Heidee and Francis' sister Cristine Mae. Of course the waterworks began as our sisters read letters from our moms. Honestly, the second that I saw our sisters at the shower, I knew that they had gone far to make this night memorable for us. And this was only a fraction of the night. Custom made presents such as a homemade quilt, basket, and shirts for our little family were just a few of the gifts given to us. Looking at the presents, you can tell that more than money was put into it. They actually put the time and effort to make a quilt, paint on shirts, and decorate baskets. In addition, a pack 'n play was given to us so we would have somewhere for Alana to stay at the Palace. Thank you Posse!!! I can't wait until she's born and gets to meet the people who make her Mommy and Daddy so happy!!!

My sister reading my mom's letter trying not to cry
Francis' little sister talking to Francis and I
The best quilt ever :)

After all the speeches and crying, I thought it was all over, but they had something else in store for us. A whole play was choreographed/filmed/performed for us and it couldn't have been more entertaining! In short, the story starts off with Alana in high school struggling to find herself. Her awesome aunt's stepped in and told her the story of her parent's struggle. Throughout the play were, of course, some things I'd rather leave in my past, but were hilarious nonetheless. Francis' geeky side and my rebel side were displayed along with song and dance. I couldn't believe how much effort went into this night. At the end of it all, they had Francis and I sing to Alana. Best part is that the whole night was filmed for Alana to watch as soon as we were ready to show it to her!!! I can't think of a better gift :)

Francis and I with our Hosts

I think the most difficult part of this baby shower is knowing how to say thank you. My sister said it best when she said, "This is the best baby shower I have been to". I couldn't agree more. Don't get me wrong, I love the normal baby showers with the diaper games, food and giveaways, but this baby shower was just at a different level. It made me feel like Francis and I are ready to be parents emotionally. Having gone through the struggled that you guys so creatively displayed made me feel like we had always been parents, we just needed Alana to prove it. Thank you Posse for making us feel like the most special parents in the world. WE LOVE YOU!!!!
Sonny (the guy that made this baby shower happen)

Last but not least, thank you Sonny for organizing this baby shower. This baby shower meant the world to Francis and I and when Alana watches that video and understands us that much more, we will have you to thank. We love you so very much!!!!!