Monday, May 2, 2011

A weekend in SB

Thanks to Francis' coworkers at CMMeiers, Francis and I were able to spend 3 days relaxing in the Cheshire Cat Inn in Santa Barbara.

Right after work on friday, Francis and I were supposed to leave, but unfortunately my body was telling me otherwise. I got really sick and actually left work around 12:30pm. As soon as I got home I put my head on the pillow and slept until Francis got home from work. I woke up for a second only to sleep for another 4 hours. We ended up not leaving the valley until 9:00pm and checked into the bed and breakfast at 10:00pm.

Our key to Wonderland

The greeting and box of chocolates to welcome us into our room
(Took this the next morning)

The next morning we woke up to a breakfast of poached peaches and stuffed french toast. We indulged and used the massage gift certificate that my coworkers at Accredited gave Francis and I and went to a spa called "Belleza Vita" (guess why we chose this place :P). Since Francis and I have never gotten a massage before we were a little nervous but comforted at the fact that it would be a couples massage. As we were guided into the spa, we realized we weren't going to be in the same room! But regardless both of us walked out of the room relaxed and ready for the rest of the weekend.

After a stop at the inn, we headed over to the Santa Barbara Zoo. The #1 thing on my list was feeding the giraffes. Little did I know that these things have huge purple slimy tongues that will wrap around your hand if you hold the lettuce out too long. I squirmed, but got over it, giraffes are just too cute :)

Feeding the giraffe

Purple tongue?

My preggy picture of the week

The name train we bought for Alana

Before leaving, we had to write in a notebook left in the drawers of the room.
There were at least 5 notebooks filled with letters written to the inn
about how much the previous guests had enjoyed their stay.

On our last day in Santa Barbara, Francis and I decided to have a little picnic at the harbor and it was a nice close to our weekend. When I was still in school, I used to bring lunch for Francis at work and go to the park nearby. Our little picnic by the harbor made me remember those little moments.

This weekend our goal was just to relax and appreciate the little time alone that we have left before the little one comes and we definitely did. Thank you to our amazing coworkers who planned this little getaway for us!!! We had a great time :)