Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trip to the doctor

It's been long overdue, but finally Francis and I had our physicals done. Nowadays I really appreciate going to the doctor and I can only hope that the results of our labwork come out good.

I think so many times, people our age really take advantage of our health and I can't say that I don't fall into that as well. I haven't REALLY exercised in ages, I ate bad during my pregnancy and I don't take care of my back. That being said, I had a long list of complaints for my doctor today and realized how poorly I'm taking care of myself. As a nurse I know better, but as everyone knows, we make the worst patients! Now, I have to take pain medication for my back, have to go to physical therapy and I feel I will likely ask for an X-Ray on my back quite soon. So much for my nursing knowledge!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Daddy's Birthday

This year, Rees so sweetly planned Francis birthday and if you know Posse, you know what I'm about to tell you. If not, refer to picture below.

We started off the night with a potluck of food at our house which included spaghetti, pizza, hummus, shrimp cocktail, chicken, chinese food and a bunch of other foods I forget at the moment (All which probably ended up in the lovely trash can pictured below).

Anyway, Francis has been nothing short of amazing, making sure that he does everything he can to secure the bright future of our family and for that I'm truly grateful to have such a dedicated husband. He goes to work early in the morning, (traffic to and from), only to come home to girls that miss him to work in the garage until 1am. So he definintely deserved the celebration he received today if not more.

Francis, thank you for being so awesome. It helps to know that I have such a wonderful partner at my side to raise our two beautiful daughters with. I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Simple Valentine's Day

For the past few months, Francis has been hard at work on a website for one of our dearest friends and I barely get to see him. So it's no surprise that Francis had to work AGAIN today and so we had a really simple dinner. I cooked while he worked and he took a quick break to eat. These days it's really hard to find time to spend together. With 2 kids that are always demanding of our time, Francis' work schedule and businesses to run, it's a surprise if we get a conversation in without an interruption. But it's all worth it! But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit apprehensive about starting work in April.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


When I found out I was having another girl, never did I think that I would be one of those parents to make my kids match. As a kid, my parents used to make me and one of my friends match clothes and I hated it. They always thought it was adorable but I was so much bigger than her so it made me feel huge even though she was older than me. That being said, a bunch of people decided to give us matching outfits for the babies for Christmas and they both finally fit into them. So yes, I made my baby girls all matchy-matchy. Don't judge me! It was adorable. See for yourself!

Sorry kids, I love you, but this was just too cute to pass up.