Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baby Shower #3

During my last week of work, my coworkers decided to surprise me with a beautiful baby shower! Like I have said before, I feel like this company has watched me grow up and this event was only an addition to the list. You would think that in an office full of women there would be a lot more drama than there is, but it's quite the opposite. Through school, marriage and now a baby, everyone has been nothing but supportive of all the changes in my life. Thank you so much Accredited for your support these past 5 years!!!


Janelle and Fedilyn (2 of my 3 planners) Nini: not pictured

Alana's beautiful gifts

Some of my coworkers

They even invited Francis over!

Us and Mang Tony (the winner of the diaper game)

Minnie mouse clothes for Alana