Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just can't resist

Ever since I found out that Francis and I were going to have a baby, I would find a reason to pass by the baby section of Target with every chance I got. We kept thinking to ourselves, "When we find out the sex, then we'll go buy something for him/her." Then after passing through Disney stores it just made me want to buy everything in there!!! Thankfully, Francis was there to convince me not to buy out the whole store of baby clothes (not that I could afford it but I definitely wished that I could!).

Anyway, I thought to myself that this is probably what happens to every first time parent and that I'm doing pretty well without having any impulse buys for the baby just yet. Little did I know that everyone else was having the same temptations. As soon as we found out the sex and told everyone, this is what happened:
From the Serranos

From Grandma Tetet

From Charlene

They just couldn't resist!!! *To our family who bought clothes for our little princess, thank you!!! We can't wait until she gets to wear them!!!! When I get to my parents house I'll be sure to take a picture of the awesome baby blanket, booties, mittens and beanie that my mom crocheted and post it up. I'm a little afraid for my next trip to Disneyland because I think I'll be coming home with a trunk full of stuff for the baby. Maybe Francis should just hold my wallet next time we go there :) Aside from all the fun of cute clothes and pink everything, this little one can kick! When we went to our ultrasound, the tech said that it was pretty early for a first time mom to be feeling the kicks already and then attributed it to either a sensitive mom or a strong baby. Since I can sleep through almost anything (especially living in the busy Langdon house for the past 4 years), I really think she's been pumping some iron in there! At 21 weeks, she's already waking me up at night and kicking or punching everything within her reach. As weird as the feeling of her movement is, it's reassuring to know that she's inside there and healthy. If only she didn't have to kick my bladder all the time...