Monday, April 25, 2011

His first kick

Francis finally felt Alana kick for the first time today! It's times like this when I regret that I didn't have a camera handy to capture these moments, but I guess writing about it will just have to do. (I probably had my iPhone with me, but I was too caught up in the moment to care about taking a picture)

I put his hand on my stomach and I knew that he was already feeling the kicks but they were so small that he kept saying that it was just me moving...until the one huge kick that said, "DADDY! I'M RIGHT HERE!!!" And if you're a mommy yourself you know as well as I do that we feel it throughout the day, kicking and punching everything within her reach. But I wouldn't take it back for the world.

I look back on the day when we found out we were pregnant and it's all passing by so quickly. Before I know it we will be moving out of the Palace and into my parents house and it's going to be such a huge change for us. No more parties going on downstairs while I try to rest, no more knocks on my door to tell me that my roomies love me, no more drunken talks in the house at 3 in the morning. I'll definitely miss these moments. The other day all the roomies had dinner together and I just started to get sad that we would no longer be living there. But things change and we knew this day would come eventually. I just didn't know it would be this soon.

I look at my growing belly and realize that in a few short months I'm going to have a family! I feel like I've been looking forward to this moment for my whole life. With my problems with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome I thought I might never be able to have kids so having Alana despite the obstacles is definitely a blessing :o)