Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello Everyone! I apologize for the missed posts, but with work and everything going on, I've been having a hard time balancing everything. The way I've seen it this past month is: I'd rather be spending time with Alana when I get home from work than sitting in front of a computer talking about it. But I know that I'll regret not documenting her milestones and being able to show her these memories when she's older, so here I am.

Alana sat up in her Bumbo chair for the first time last week and I was so proud! I couldn't believe that my baby was sitting up already!!! She has said "mama" a few times during her fits of crying or babbling sessions :) She can roll over during tummy time and is all smiles the rest of the day! A lot has happened over the past month and I promise I will be better at documenting all of it. For now, here are a few pictures to catch you guys up!

Alana and Mommy's hands :)

Daddy's already teaching her how to use her iPhone

In the Bumbo chair sitting up

Food Coma!

Playing video games

Thanksgiving with the Vita Family at The Odyssey

Family Picture

Mickey and Minnie

Aidan and Alana

Santa's Little Helper